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annual review 2020



We have supported our partners who suffered from the implications of Covid-19 by offering free services and products as well as financial support.

We have successfully developed our five growth platforms:


  1. conzil: we have had the privilege of working with a number of organizations to jointly address emerging strategic opportunities

  2. creaverse: we have successfully re-positioned creaverse as a growth orchestrator in emerging ecosystems

  3. digityzer: we have been honored to partner with a number of organizations offering joint solutions for success in the digital age

  4. prelogix: we have had the privilege of working with a number of partners in jointly finding ways to create value from and with data

  5. kyberno: we continued to develop and deploy our tools to strengthen governance in ecosystems


We have turned ideas into impact in our five labs, i.e. the connected commerce lab, data value lab, distributed governance lab, platform strategy lab and the shared purpose lab.

We have actively curated our idea platforms and and launched



In the third year of our existence, we have seen a continuation of our strong second year in


  1. tripling the profitability across all businesses

  2. working with 15 impact partners in Asia and Europe

  3. publishing 8 insights on

  4. developing our latest idea platform

  5. giving more than 20 talks by our founder in Asia and Europe




We look forward to continuing our journey in 2021 by


  1. continuing to deliver profitable growth

  2. further strengthening the five growth platforms

  3. working on a number of pioneering innovations in our labs

  4. further strengthening our partner network

  5. continuing to share our knowledge on and

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