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annual review 2023



We have realigned our activities into five growth platforms in 2023:


  1. we have further developed our industry platforms certivas, conzil, creaverse, kyberno and prelogix.

  2. we have continued turning ideas into impact in our innovation platforms, i.e. the connected commerce lab, data value labdistributed governance labecosystem strategy lab and the shared purpose lab.

  3. we have continued actively curating our idea platforms artislabs, boardperspectives, classdialogue, toolthink and universera.

  4. we have further developed our investment platforms crescott, venturelands and vicinis.

  5. we have established our impact platform

We have further promoted to help our partners better navigate our offering. 




In the sixth year of our existence, we have seen a continuation of our strong fifth year in


  1. growing our revenues by 29%

  2. adding 2 new partners

  3. established to celebrate our fifth anniversary

  4. publishing 5 insight articles

  5. giving 17 talks by our founder




We look forward to continuing our journey in 2024 by


  1. continuing to deliver profitable growth

  2. further strengthening our five growth platforms

  3. further strengthening our partner network

  4. continuing to share our knowledge on our idea platforms

  5. creating positive impact for our people, partners and planet

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