our partners.

industry partners.

Client needs are the source of any business opportunity. We strongly believe in the value of collaboration with business partners to jointly build, develop and run businesses.

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innovation partners.

Technology and business model innovation drive digital growth. We provide a global platform for connecting individual and institutional entrepreneurial contributors to drive digital business development across markets.

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idea partners.

We rely on a strong network of experienced international business and academic leaders, our idea partners, to provide strategic guidance for the development of our platforms.

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investment partners.

Innovation needs investments. We provide investors a unique platform to tap into some of the fastest growing digital market opportunities in Asia and Europe. We firmly believe in giving something back to society. To this end we set up the foundation.

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infrastructure partners.

A state-of-the-art agile infrastructure platform is the backbone of any business operations. We collaborate with leading infrastructure providers to establish a fit-for-purpose service platform to our businesses. 

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